TTC and Adoption Update

I wanted to give everyone an update. In a previous post I stated I was going to do the surgery for my endometriosis. Well…you see I never scheduled it. For a couple reasons, timing, scared, unknown, etc. We still feel the timing just isn’t right, and I just don’t want to know the answers that might come from it. 1) I have endometriosis. 2) I don’t have endometriosis, THEN WHATS MY PROBLEM? You see where I’m going with this. Cody and I talk all the time about what we want to do, and we both agree to put it on hold for a little longer and continue to have hope.  We are still trying, every once in awhile I take a month off of OPKs but that’s all we are doing.

The adoption is taking a lot longer than I thought. And the whole process has been heart breaking for me. My heart is so open to love, every child I see I have some sort of pull to. But we haven’t found our match but are hopeful we will.

That’s all I have for now. Nothing really huge as happened but if it does you will know.



3 thoughts on “TTC and Adoption Update

  1. Are you having endo symptoms? My first endo surgery really helped my symptoms but I was stage 4. It also came back really quickly, the RE thinks because of my miscarriage and the 2nd surgery didn’t help at all unfortunately. Recovery isn’t bad at all though. The worse is the pain from the gas they push into you during the surgery. As far as adoption goes, I totally get it, but hold on, once that child is home with you, you’ll know why God made you wait for that one. I know it totally sounds cliche and I’m sorry, but I really do get it. After losing our foster kiddos and then having a failed adoption within 2 weeks ago, it was hard to understand what God had planned, but once we got that call about A and we had her home and she fit so well into our life, I totally got it. Praying that baby comes home to you soon!


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