Life has happened again. Time is flying by but at the same time going by so slow. I felt so empty and lonely this holiday season, even though we were surrounded by family. The adoption is taking longer than I expected. Even though they said for the age we are looking for (6 and under) would be hard. I just thought they were covering all cases but I guess I shouldn’t of gotten my hopes up. I really wanted a full house for Christmas.
During this time Cody and I have been preparing ourselves and our house for who ever comes into our life. We have been communicating with our social worker weekly and hearing about and reading about kids. We just haven’t found our match yet. We have been very close but we are at a disadvantage due to us having no parental experience (thanks again infertility). Since most of these kids have some type of trauma they are looking for parents who can handle these behaviors. Not saying we can’t, we just have never been given the chance. We are lucky our agency has so many resources, every time we talk about something with our social worker she states we have people to help you with that, we can role play so you can react the right way. Whatever that is thrown at us, we will be ready. Yes we aren’t going to be perfect parents but we are going to be great parents with struggles along the way.