What a relief.

What a relief!

The home study went great! I was stressing for nothing ha. We are unofficially approve. They have to finish writing up the report and then present it at the staff meeting. They are recommending us to the other stuff members in hopes to have them all agree to approval. Our social worker does not see any issues that would keep us from the approval.

In case you were unfamiliar, I wanted to give more information on the type of adoption we are going through. We are adopting from foster care. This means that the parents are currently having parental rights terminated or have already done so. We decided we did not want to adopt an infant. We would like to continue to try to have our own. The age we are currently looking for is 6 and under. We have decided a single child or a sibling pair would be best. Due to the young age we are requesting, we have been advised to look at children through the US instead of just locally.

We have begun requesting more information on children. Our social worker can provide some of the background of the children while we wait for the completed home study. Once the home study has been finalized, we can submit it to social workers in hopes of meeting children.

We are very excited and cannot wait for the home study to be completed.