This Cycle is Different

Sorry I’ve been MIA again, I hope to get better at this blogging thing. Today is CD 3 another failed cycle, but I don’t feel the heartache quite so much anymore. My heart is full force moving forward with adoption, I am thankful for that. After months of disappointment, I’m not disappointed this month. I didn’t cry or get angry. This is a beginning of a new chapter for Cody and I. A huge chapter that I have nothing to be sad or angry about.We are beginning our family in a less than conventional way but we will be a family.

Things are moving along! We start the first day of training on Saturday, have been given our social worker and have received our packet in the mail. During this time we are getting the house ready to bring someone or someones home, to their home.


Dear Endometriosis

YOU SUCK. Thank you for ruining my weekend. No one truly understands what I go through. Not only was Saturday my worst day yet with endometriosis but it was also another reminder I’m suffering from infertility aka CD1. Do you think I like being laid up in bed all day because the pain is so bad I can’t sit up?  Endometriosis is invisible and silent. From the outside I look normal in all reality that’s all I want to be is “normal.”

Here is a great article about what it is like to live with endometriosis.

Next time I miss something, bail on my plans, or apologize for being a grouch, please know I don’t intend to, I dream of days where the pain won’t be there.  Try to keep comments to yourself.  You don’t walk in my shoes and you have no idea what it’s like to be living with endometriosis.