Sorry I’ve been MIA

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA. We have had a lot going on these past two weeks with my sister in town, bridal showers, and softball tournaments! What has been happening with us and our infertility journey?  Well with cycle 19 being a fail, Cody and I have had a long, hard, emotional discussion on what we want to do next.  Now this discussion has been going on for months but we are still hoping we can get pregnant naturally. It looks like that might not be the case or it might take us many more failed cycles to get our BFP. We have always talked about having a big family.  As the months pass, we are realizing we might not be able to do that on our own sooo..


Not only have we decided to adopt but we have decided to adopt from our local Foster Care system here in Virginia. For the past month we have been talking to a local non-profit Connecting Hearts.  They have been helping us with the first steps of adoption from foster care.  Did you know there are more than 800 kids in Virginia’s foster care system waiting to be adopted?  Most of them will age out of the system.  The process of going through your local Social Services is a long one.  It seems our county is having some issues (to say the least).  After waiting for several weeks to hear from them, they finally called us pretty much to say they did not know when they will be having their next PRIDE training session (which is the first step).  We have decided to go with a private agency so we can get started sooner rather than later. Even going through a private agency the process can take about 4-8 month to complete. First we have PRIDE training, which is a 30 hour course, then background checks and finally the home study.  We are at the very beginning of this process and are very excited!

This does not mean we are not going to have biological children. We have decided fertility treatment is not for us, but we are moving forward with finding the why. Why we are infertile and what may be causing our infertility? I have my surgery consult next Monday for my endometriosis.  I just had blood work done again and everything came back great. We hope to find answers so we can move forward wherever this journey takes us.


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