Staying Stress Free

Let’s face it, I will never truly be stress free.  When you are struggling with infertility the stress level is always higher. Even when you “take a month off” from tracking, you are not really taking the month off.  It’s not something that is easily forgotten. The stress about what is next will always be there? When will it be our turn? What will our friendsand family think if we adopt? Will they be as supportive like during fertility treatments? Will I ever be okay with not having a biological child? The thinking and questions are endless, but you learn to cope. Here are things I do to relieve some of the stress and keep my mind preoccupied.

Exercise! Well duh! You hear all the time because it has been proven that exercise helps with stress. I have a personal trainer (Emily) who I work out with atleast 3 times a week. I call these my personal therapy lessons. HA. I have some awesome work out buddies who encourage me as well. My mom, twin sister and my sister-in-law!

I am becoming Crafty! I recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo. It is a craft cutting machine. I have been making cups, t-shirts, home decor, and a few cool surprises for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower!  I have also recently started coloring.  The adult coloring books are quite relaxing. I can color for hours and I lose all track of time.

Gardening! With spring in the air, I have started my garden. We hope to grow our vegetable garden this year and I have already started the seeds! These are my babies right now! I can’t wait to see these guys start spouting! Our last years garden over grew as you can see. haha


4 thoughts on “Staying Stress Free

  1. When I was doing my postgraduate training one of my friends had been married for 10 years and was childless.
    She and her husband had Idiopathic infertility where the doctor said that both were physiologically totally normal.My friend had several failed cycles,and she was sad , and angry with mood swings.
    The doctor adviced her to start her postgraduate training and stop trying to get pregnant. She started her training and after two years she got pregnant during her final exams.This was in 2009.Now she has 2 wonderful children.
    I am a doctor and after seeing her journey I really believe that miracles happen every day.Prayers and best wishes for you.


  2. Your garden boxes look just like ours! Our peas grew taller than us last year and we just couldn’t keep them under control! I can’t wait until it is warm enough (consistently) to start this years garden! What do you grow?


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